(27th (Inniskilling), 83rd, 87th and The Ulster Defence Regiment)


Worldwide Service with 1 R IRISH


A World of Opportunity... if you've got it in you


The Royal Irish Regiment is now the only Irish Infantry Regiment of the line.


We recruit throughout Ireland and the UK mainland for service anywhere in the world. So if you want - a real challenge, adventure, career opportunities and a chance to improve your education, then you should consider a career in the 1st Battalion, The Royal Irish Regiment.


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Your Career will start with Training

You can travel all over the world, handle the most up to date infantry weapon systems, drive and take part in a wide variety of sport and adventure training.


If you wish to become a junior soldier then you'll begin your training in the Regimental Home in Ballymena in Northern Ireland. The Royal Irish Regiment is now the only regiment in the Army to have it's own basic training centre. After you've achieved this basic level you'll received advanced training in Catterick, Yorkshire.

If you wish to join as an adult, then you will conduct all your training at Catterick, Yorkshire.


1 R IRISH offers travel opportunities across the world. In the last twenty years we have been in Germany, Denmark, Cyprus, Jordan, Egypt, Kuwait, Canada, USA, Bosnia, Kosovo, Italy, Belize, Kenya, Serria Leone, Falklands, Botswana, Norway and Iraq.


This will include fieldcraft, marksmanship, fitness training and sport. Then you'll join the 1st Battalion, but your training won't stop there; You'll have opportunities for training, for education, promotion and a wide skills within the Infantry.



Service in 1 R IRISH offers opportunities to work with the most modern equipment like MILAN anti-tank missiles and Saxon and Warrior armoured vehicles.



We'll train you to find the best in yourself, to work within a strong and happy team, and if you've got it in you, to lead the team.


When you join the 1st Battalion

The 1st Battalion can be tasked to serve anywhere in the world, and you can be employed in jobs like:


Anti-tank Missile Operator   LGV Driver
Mortar Crewman   Reconnaissance Specialist
Turret Gunner   Radio Operator
Sniper   Medical Technician
Computer Operator   Medium Machine Gunner
Armoured Vehicle Driver   Assault Pioneer
Stores Accountant   Regimental Policeman
Mess Steward   Bugler
Piper   Drummer
Pyhsical Training Instructor   Intelligence Section soldier

So what else is on offer?

Good basic pay with many other allowances to boost your earnings. This is better than you'll get in YTS or from unemployment benefit. You'll have excellent accommodation whether you're single or married. You'll have free medical, dental and welfare support, generous travel assistance and a chance to join discount schemes for personal insurance and house purchase. On top of all of these are job satisfaction, pride and the comradeship you find in The Royal Irish Regiment.

Education - The Royal Irish Regiment offers opportunities for further education including NVQs and City and Guilds.

Promotion - Because its the largest infantry regiment in the Army, The Royal Irish Regiment gives you plenty of opportunities for promotion and the prospects of a full career offering an excellent pension at the end of your service.

Sport & Adventure Training - The Royal Irish Regiment  plays a leading role in Army sport. You can play a wide variety of sport including hockey, football, rugby, skiing, canoeing, scuba diving, windsurfing, sailing, climbing and parachuting. Soldiers from The Royal Irish Regiment have taken part in adventure training throughout the United Kingdom, in Europe, Africa and Asia.

Lifestyle - You'll be serving alongside comrades who'll look to you for qualities like teamwork and trust. Like you, they'll probably come from Ireland, and share your sense of pride in your history and background.

Fair Employment - The Royal Irish Regiment has a proud tradition of fair employment. Discrimination has no place in the Regiment. You are treated on merit, whatever your colour or creed.

History- The Royal Irish Regiment was created in 1992 when The Royal Irish Rangers merged with The Ulster Defence Regiment. We can trace our roots back to 1689, and today we proudly carry forward the traditions of all the old infantry  regiments of Ireland, so that we are truly - The Royal Irish Regiment .

Faugh a Ballagh

The Royal Irish Regiment welcomes applications from young men and women, no matter what their marital status, race, ethnic origin or religious belief.

No account is taken of sexual orientation or social background in considering applications.

The Army and the Regiment are fully committed to equality of opportunity.

We would particularly welcome applications from the Roman Catholic community as they are currently under represented in our Regiment.